An Excellent Taiko Resource Available On-line: kaDON

Initial research findings have revealed that it is difficult to find available taiko instructors in order to develop as taiko players.


With this in mind Taiko Shin Kai wish to help spreading the word about the on-line taiko resource available on the Internet. It is called kaDON and it can be found at this address:


It is a great source for learning taiko (drums) and fue (flute) with expert instruction available on-line!

Photo: Live performance with Shoji Kameda (left) and

Shogo Yoshi (right) at ETC 2016.


One of the taiko world's most respected artist,

Shoji Kameda, is one of the teachers at kaDON.

An Excellent Taiko Resource Available On-line:. kaDON

Article by Soo-Im Jansson, 2016-02-22


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