Joint Taiko Performance at Culture Night in Uppsala

Taiko Shin Kai

Join us for our "Joint Taiko Performance" event at Culture Night in Uppsala, Sweden on September 14th! Anyone who can play the songs, or wants to learn and play the songs that we will perform, can join us for the performance at Culture Night! This event is free of charge!

Some of the songs we will play:

* "Shimabayashi" (by Jonathan Kirby, Kagemusha Taiko)

* "Wa No Ichi" (by Kaoly Asano, GOCOO)

* "Kuru-Kuru" (by Martin Doyle, Tsuchigumo Daiko)

* "Stepping Stones" (by Oliver Kirby, Kagemusha Taiko)

More information on how you can learn the songs on your own, in case you do not already know the songs, will be provided when you apply for participation in the event. We will also be practicing "Wa No Ichi" during our summer taiko practice in Uppsala.

Do Join us! It is great fun!

To apply for participation in the event or for more information, please contact us at

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Joint Taiko Performance in Uppsala - 2019

    Event Date: September 14th


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