"Omiyage" Taiko Workshop and Joint Taiko Performance with Shoji Kameda - 2018!

Taiko Shin Kai

During 21-22nd of April, Shoji Kameda came back to Sweden for another amazing kaDON weekend event with two intensive days of "Omiyage" taiko workshop! Shoji Kameda also appeared in a short  news report on the national Swedish television.

In collaboration with KFUM Budohuset in Uppsala and Studiefrämjandet in Stockholm, we also had  a joint taiko performance together with Shoji Kameda in Uppsala on April 21st, 2018. This performance was a record in Sweden, with 16 players performing community taiko pieces on stage, that came together from various parts of the world - the UK, US, and Sweden! 

Photos from the event at our Facebook page  and web site.

Video clip: Drum Solo by Shoji Kameda

Photo: courtesy of Bryce Craig

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"Omiyage" Workshop and Performance with Shoji Kameda - 2018!

.  Event Date: 21-22nd April, 2018


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