In collaboration with KFUM Budohuset and Culture Night in Uppsala, we had 3 amazing days of workshops and joint taiko performance together with the professional taiko artists Shonagh Walker and Martin Doyle from Tsuchigumo Daiko in Scotland, on 7-9th of September 2018.

We wish to thank our special guests Shonagh Walker and Martin Doyle, and we also wish to thank the organizers of Culture Night in Uppsala for including our taiko performance in the program, KFUM Budohuset in Uppsala for hosting the workshops, and Studiefrämjandet.

We also wish to thank everyone who participated and helped out in this event!

An event in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Japan and Sweden

日本 • スウエーデン外交関係樹立150周年事業

In collaboration with:

Taiko  Event with Shonagh Walker and Martin Doyle, 2018!

.  Event Date: 7-9th September, 2018