Taiko Event with San Jose Taiko from USA, 2019

Taiko Shin Kai

In collaboration with KFUM Budohuset in Uppsala, we had a fantastic taiko workshop with the professional taiko artists Franco Imperial, Yurika Chiba, and Geoff Noone from San Jose Taiko on June 4th, 2019.

This event also featured a 60-minute taiko lecture/demonstration with San Jose Taiko about "Roots of North American Taiko".

We wish to thank our special guests from San Jose Taiko and we also wish to thank KFUM Budohuset in Uppsala for co-hosting the event, and Studiefrämjandet.

We also wish to thank everyone who participated and helped out in this event!

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Workshop and Lecture/demonstration

Taiko Event with San Jose Taiko from USA, 2019!

.  Event Date: 4th June, 2019


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