In collaboration with Budohuset and Kulturnatten i Uppsala, we had an amazing event with Shonagh Walker and Martin Doyle from Tsuchigumo Daiko!

Two taiko workshops focused on exploring the space, katsugi (carried drum) and movement.

We wish to thank our special guests Shonagh Walker and Martin Doyle, and we also wish to thank the organizers of Kulturnatten i Uppsala for including our taiko performance in the program. We also wish to extend a big thank you to Kirsi Höglund and KFUM Budohuset in Uppsala for hosting the taiko workshops!

And a huge, huge thank you to everyone who participated and helped out in this event!

In collaboration with:

Courtesy of Tsuchigumo Daiko

Taiko  Event with Shonagh Walker and Martin Doyle, 2022!

.  Event Date: 10-11th September, 2022