Photo: Shoji Kameda; courtesy of Bryce Craig

Taiko Workshops and Performances with Shoji Kameda!

.  Event Date: 6-7th May, 2017

We had two wonderful days of workshops during our kaDON event with Shoji Kameda who lead 4 great workshops here in Stockholm, Sweden, in the beginning of May:

  • Two beginners workshops onBeta Basics” were open for anyone who wanted to learn taiko.
  • One intermediate level workshop on ”3 Levels of Understanding” where we examined how we use kuchishouga to learn and internalize patterns and focus on developing a deeper level of understanding simple parts.
  • One intermediate level workshop on ”Improvisation in which improvisation games was the main focus, to build improvisation skills all while having fun in a relaxed supportive atmosphere.

We ended this amazing event with joint performances and performances by Shoji Kameda and Isabel Romeo Biedma at The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities: Short video from the  performances.

We wish to thank our special guests Shoji Kameda and Isabel Romeo Biedma, and we also wish to thank the The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm for hosting the performances and Studiefrämjandet  for hosting the workshops.

See also our compiled slideshow:

Slideshow: Taiko Workshops with Shoji Kameda

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